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HardCore Project/ Dirty Dickens
The Honorable Reverend Wallace / Dirty Dickens  

Last time we saw Reverend Wallace he was on another label. Now it's another day, and another label. Dirty Dickens releases small project to keep the heads tuned in to his boastful ,wild style , "let's get it done,no matter what" attitude.He's sure to always turn heads. This guy is a machine!

This was Dirty Dickens 3rd solo project. Very solid project. It was originally called The "HardCore Dick" Project. It was a play on words with Dirty Dickens' name, and hardcore style of emeecing, with a twist of some porno action. The project has a cool story line. Kenny Wallace (Dirty D) and a bill collector ;Darnell Merch from Hardcore porn experts(Abztrackt beatzz) are having a dispute about a bill from the beginning till the end of the project. Check for this its banging
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