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Black Tortoise Music Group

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Dirty Dickens L.A.W PROJECT

This project is a  wild hard body hip hop ride through Atlanta Ga, with  2 homies on mopeds. Drunk listening to punk. Smoking doobies, and squeezing boobies. Support the ILL...

     Dirty Dickens Returns as Reverend Wallace a with new body of work, The"GOD Made Dirt" Project. This is solid body of work. Initially we(BTMG) released the EP/LP, which is available on iTunes, amazon, and other online stores. With a few changes and more songs, it earns the title of a project. The project has a Ed O.G feature, production from Jahah Love, and hard hitting rhymes from your man Dirty Dickens. Check for this.


     "Dirty Loops" is another group of two. The members are producer/DJ Loop Verrigno aka Tars One (Bielefeld,Germany), and Dirty D. This is more of what Dirty Dickens fans are used to. They just took it up a notch as far as energy, rhymes, and production. Hold tight, we defiantly got some goodies in the bag. 

                         T. Rivers


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